Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Russell Hobbs 19340 Jewels Sapphire

Founded in the 1950s, Russell Hobbs has grown to become an established and highly respected manufacturer of appliances for the kitchen. The company has been responsible for a variety of innovations for kettle technology, such as the first automatic electric kettle, and the first kettle made entirely of plastic, and the website boasts of being the leading brand for kettles.

The cordless Jewels Sapphire is one of many of the brand's current models. It's sleek, modern and fitting design provide a stylish and versatile fit to the modern kitchen, if a little imposing. 3kW of power, 1.7 litres of capacity, with water level indicator and a gauge which illuminates to indicate when it is switched on or has completed its boil cycle. The model has in-built water filter and concealed element to keep limescale at bay, ensuring a cleaner drink. It also has a 360 degree swivel base for easy storage, and comes with a one year guarantee by the manufacturer.

Mind you, probably just as well. I'd be incredibly ticked off if I bought a kettle from a well-known manufacturer with the knowledge that it probably wouldn't see out the year. Then again, what even after that? By only providing a one year guarantee, are Russell Hobbs suggesting that this kettle is likely not to live for much longer after that length of time has expired? If so then that's a rather shoddy and poor job if you ask me. I, personally, would expect any kettle to last me for a good few years. 3 at the very least, even if I weren't necessarily going to hang onto it for that long, and that includes cheaper brands. If this company can't guarantee that this potential piece of good-looking scrap, with a name that bears too much of a resemblance to a porn star name (I mean, "Jewels Sapphire"? Seriously?), then I'd be a little bit wary of parting with my dosh.

Prices tend to range around the 30 to 40 pound mark as new, as usual it may be bought cheaper if you shop around for any used models available. That is, if you can discover any that have survived their alarmingly short guarantee. Nevertheless it is an ideal model for those seeking a beautiful, almost executive, traditionally modern and old-fashioned design.

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