Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dualit 72702 Dome Cream

There is an old saying that goes "a watched kettle never boils". There is also a remark that refers to "the pot calling the kettle black". Such is the incredibly ubiquitous nature of the kettle in everybody's day-to-day lives that it is referred in a number of timeless sayings. It is testament, therefore, that so many high-quality brands of this humble device exist in the world today, such as this model by West Sussex based Dualit.

This remarkably stylish model bears an essence of the traditional tea-room with its cream-coloured 360 swivel base and plastic handle. Other features include a decent 1.6 litre capacity, concealed element, a removable/washable limescale filter which proves ideal for harder water supplies, 3kW of power and boil dry protection, which causes the kettle to switch off automatically when emptied. The Dualit's plastic features also allow for easier pickup when boiled, with it's plastic handle and heatproof knob.

If you ask me, the knob on this kettle proves to be a rather delightful feature which only adds to its quaintness. Not a lot of kettles these days have a knob, so its always welcome to see such an appendage acknowledged in more modern day kettles. There's nothing like a decent knob to make a kettle look more attractive, an ideal addition to brighten up anyone's household. The knob also proves to be an immense amount of fun to twiddle, as it allows for a satisfying drinking experience to suit the individual's desired tastes. Of couse, it goes without saying that you should avoid the temptation to use the knob too much as it may wear out, become discoloured and, in some rare cases, stop working altogether. It is recommended that you clean your knob at least once a week, especially if you have a busy household as many more people may handle it, and there's no way of knowing where their hands have been.

This particular Dualit model can be bought new for between £60-£80 from some stores, placing it in the higher-end of the price range as far as conventional kettles go, though there are prices available sub £30 from some retailers. One retailer previously had the model available as new for just £17, so it pays to shop around if you are looking for a quaint and stylish kettle with an attractive knob.

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