Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Morphy Richards 43974 Accents

Over the years, the humble kettle has constantly been shaped and fashioned to compliment the kitchen in whatever style is considered modern at the time. This model by the UK's Morphy Richards demonstrates a quietly contemporary example of the current modern trends.

The Accents model sports a modest 1.5 litre capacity, but boasts many of the features one would be looking for in a modern kettle; it has a removable and washable limescale filter, 360 degree base, concealed element and 3kW quick boil power rating as standard. Its appearance is understated but modern, stainless steel with a smooth red finish and a pleasing roundedness, not particularly eye-catching but a subtle fit to most contemporary kitchens since it retains a traditional kettle shape.

Then again, how can one really define what the "traditional" shape of a kettle is? Sure, this model looks like a kettle, but so does the one depicted in the banner, which is a remarkably different shape as well as having its handle on the top. Even that barmy Legion Of Doom from DeLonghi reviewed earlier is (at least vaguely) recognisable as a kettle. Essentially, pretty much any heatable basic container can be regarded a kettle so long as it has a lid and a spout near the top. One day I would like to see a kettle in the shape of, oh I dunno, a donkey or something, with a spout bursting out of the poor quadruped's face while a square portion on its back (perhaps a saddle?) can be removed to insert one's gunky tap water into. Come to think of it, a camel might be a better idea. The hump could in theory be fashioned into a lid shape anyway. Plus it has a reputation for spitting so that would explain the spout.

Originally at the £60 mark from the manufacturer direct, the Accents can be found from some retailers for half the price. This model is a nicely understated fit for many contemporary kitchens, though one simple fact remains: the camel kettle is a brilliant idea, and I am a flaming genius.

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