Sunday, 19 August 2012

DeLonghi Brillante KBJ3001.BK

The Italians have often been associated with style, taste, beauty and a remarkable sense of fashion, whatever the endeavour. Their fine craftsmanship is no different in the world of kettles, as is proven by this stylistic and eye-catching model by Italian manufacturers DeLonghi.

This 3kW model, from the glamorous Brillante range, has a 1.7 litre capacity, 360 degree detachable swivel base and a remarkably quick boiling time that allows even the inefficient consumer to make a quick cuppa without the unnecessary waiting time. The Brillante is also an ideal model to use in regions with a particularly hard water supply, with its detachable and rewashable anti-limescale filter. Furthermore, the stainless-steel element is concealed allowing for further prevention from limescale, which will result in a longer life.

The model has a recommended price of around £59.99, though it can be found brand new for less than £50 from some stores. Whether you find it desirable or not, however, depends entirely on whether you would be comfortable having an item akin to the dismembered lower half of a robot Mary Poppins sitting on your kitchen worktop for year after year. I mean seriously, look at it. Many consumers would consider this a monstrosity, I know I would. The base and the handle are sleek enough, but the jagged triangular effect does nothing to rescue the grotesquely plump shape which rounds off to an unfittingly tiny peak. A peak that the DeLonghi designers decided to top off with something that looks like a woollen bobble hat ham-fistedly fitted onto a Teletubby. It looks ridiculous.

Still, if it's the subtly zany, retro-futuristic look you're going for, knock yourself out. In spite of its appearance, the Brillante is a technically highly capable, and very efficient, model of kettle. If it's pure stats you're going on and have no qualms about style or appearance then I would recommend it. Just, er, best to keep the guests in the lounge.

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