Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Kenwood kMix Boutique SJM047 Orange

As Duncan polished off the remnants of his wood-fired chicken madras, a quandry passed through his mind. Never a hesitant being, he rose from his beanbag as his perplexed acquaintances gazed at him. His odd behaviour had started to concern them somewhat, but they shrugged it off as a minor allergic reaction to the new cushions, and resumed watching Granada Breeze.

After several minutes, Duncan approached the boiler cupboard, upon which he opened the door and was met with a pile of largely unused devices amongst varying crannies. He chucked his now empty dinner plate in the bin, it being one of a number of leftover paper plates from the recent party they held for St Kaleidoscope's Day, also handily granting them at least a fortnight's worth of less washing-up. He knelt down and started to rummage through the spare basins, pepper fountains and polystyrene chess sets presented to each other ill-advisedly as birthday gifts over the years, for he sought the old NES console they once played many years ago, for old times' sake. He had already discovered the cartridges they came to possess over the years: Ice Climber, Uninvited, Genghis Khan, Nintendo World Championships 1990 and Journey to Silius, as well as a few others.

His search was soon interrupted, however, when he found the Kenwood kMix Boutique he thought he'd lost in a bumskating contest two years ago.

"What you looking for Dunc?" called Tancred, his eyes never breaking from the captivating episode of Judge Joe Brown on the tellybox.

"Great news!" replied Duncan, returning to his pals. "I've found that Kenwood kettle among all the rubbish in the boiler cupboard!"

"The one you thought you lost a couple years back to Kev in that stair-sliding challenge?" asked Florence.

"Aye, haha!" answered a reminiscent Duncan. "Don't remind me! Still got that red bit on me left cheek!" he started to kneel down to place the appliance on the floor, before realising he had already knelt down at the cupboard earlier, so stood up and knelt back down again.

"Woah," started Albert, as the kettle descended to the floor. "I remember one of these. The Kenwood kMix Boutique, in orange. My doctor used to have one of these, 3 kilowatts of power, 1.6 litre capacity. Beauty!"

"Absolutely!" continued Tancred. "Also featuring a mesh filter for a cleaner drink, water level indicator and rapid boil function, all at the same time. It's a stainless steel miracle!"

"Isn't it just!" exclaimed Duncan. "Not to mention it's cordless, meaning you can take it pretty much anywhere, and its non-slip SureGrip handle surface and comfortable design allow it to be handled with a great deal of safety. It also says it comes with a one-year guarantee, though given how long it might have been in there I'm not sure if it's still going anymore!"

As the group were sharing a round of joyous laughter, Florence pointed excitedly at the device. "Oh, wow! Look! It even has an illuminated power switch to let you know when it's on or off!"

Her other friends gasped loudly, taken aback in sheer awe and amazement at this revelation. "That'll be very handy coupled with the auto switch-off function!" mentioned Albert.

"Indeed," added Duncan. "It cost quite a bit, though, £50.99. Still, sure beats a few pints down the Elephant Arms, right guys?"

"Heh heh, not half Duncan!" answered an amused Tancred. "Kev doesn't know what he's been missing all these years!"

As they all shared in the remainder of their mirth, Duncan sat back down on his beanbag and began watching television with the rest of his companions. After half a minute or so of viewing, another thought crossed his mind.

"Guys?" said Duncan. "Why are we watching an old recording of Granada Breeze?"

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